Not all double glazing companies are the same

AMPM Glazing

Thank you for visiting our site, I am Andy Maw owner of AMPM Glazing.  May I take a moment of your time to outline how you could benefit from speaking to us before committing to a company to fit your windows and doors. I think you might find what we have to say will be of interest.

By fitting quality double glazing windows and doors, you could enjoy the benefits of a warmer and safer home. You will have the knowledge that your investment will increase the curb appeal of your home, make it more attractive to potential buyers and adding value.

There’s only one problem!

Who do you trust? Who do you choose?

After all, don’t you need to discuss the opportunities with a glazing specialist who has a good understanding of the industry, the application and installation processes to decide?

  • There are lots of double-glazing companies out there, and it is tempted to decide based solely on price.
  • Many double-glazing companies have ceased trading, this can leave their customers and supported.

Fortunately, there’s AMPM Glazing

We pride ourselves on being double glazing specialists, this means not just fitting windows, but understanding the application and the client’s needs. We have been trading for over 25 years and have been entrusted by many people who continue to use our services and recommend us to others. We do not subcontract; our team are fully accountable. We do not have expensive showrooms but prefer to spend the money on sourcing the best possible products that are industry-leading and offering them to our customers at a competitive price. With 70 Reviews on CheckaTrade all giving us 10 out of 10 we are proud of our work and our approach to customer care.

Through the supply and fitting of double-glazed units you can be assured that you will be benefiting from the highest quality product fitted to the highest standard and can have confidence in its durability and integrity. You will save money on heating, reduce condensation, improve security, reduce maintenance, and improve the value and curb appeal of your home.

With our experience, information, resourcing, and installation you will get:

  • Market leading and technically superior double-glazed windows and doors
  • A wide choice of windows and doors to suit all home styles including where there may be restrictions (listed buildings) on the type of windows and doors can be fitted
  • Competitive pricing, we don’t do cheap, but we provide value, we believe the right combination of experience, expertise, quality product and the service that we are proud to put our name to
  • Never having to paint your windows and doors, and the outside of your home looking amazing thanks to our units which have guaranteed colour stability, even when in constant sunlight.
  • Know that you are reducing heat loss through poorly fitted windows and doors, and benefiting from the technical advances in double glazing, which enhances the thermal properties of your home
  • Have peace of mind knowing that your new windows and doors uses high quality and structurally superior security mechanisms that will help protect your home

You will have a quality product, but critically, you will know that it will be properly installed.

Remember- the work you don’t see is equally as important as the work you can see.

All double-glazing units, even the cheap ones, when newly installed look good from the outside. It is the test of time and the application that will ultimately provide you with the knowledge that you made the right decision. Poorly fitted windows and doors cannot only increase the risk of damp, but also could compromise any thermal benefits and be raised as an issue when trying to sell your home.

The pain of poor quality will outlast any initial delight of getting a cheap deal.

You could of course do nothing and continue:

  •  Spending money on heating that you’re not getting the benefit from
  •  Having to pay decorators to repaint the outside of your home, and if living in a two-storey property, installing scaffolding with increased costs
  •  Worry about your home being broken into, though, poorly fitted windows and doors or openings with poor security
  • Making your home less attractive to potential buyers

Or, for by just asking us to discuss your needs before you commit to choosing a double-glazing company you could benefit from sound advice that will provide you with the right solution to:

  • Reduced heating bills
  • Low maintenance
  • Improve security
  • Quality installation and the right application

Provide us with the opportunity to discuss your needs, we are not a one size fits all company and we can bespoke each window and door to your requirements and timescales that could just turn your uncertainty as to which company, what solution into knowledge and understanding to help you make an informed decision.  

You can call me on  07808 167 949 or 01202 824 475.